Notes from the past

Kaipa - Notes from the past

(Inside Out 2002) CD

The musical scope of what can only be described as a stirring symphonic masterpiece is quite extraordinary, blending the classic influences of YES with an identity and direction all of their own. Highly recommended. (Classic Rock)


1. Notes from the past

2. Night-bike-ride (on Lilac Street)

3. Mirrors of yesterday

4. Leaving the horizon

5. In the space of a twinkle

6. Folke's final decision

7. The name belongs to you

8. Second journey inside the green glass

9. A road in my mind

10. Morganism

11. Notes from the past - Part II

Hans Lundin: Keyboards

Roine Stolt: Guitars

Patri Lundström: Lead Vocals

Morgan Ågren: Drums

Jonas Reingold: Bass

Aleena Gibson: Vocals on "A road in my mind"

Tove Thörn Lundin: Vocals on "In the space of a twinkle"

Special guests on "Morganism":

Lennart Lind: Trombone

Lars Lindsjö: Saxophone

Tage Rolander:Trumpet

All music and words by Hans Lundin,

except "In the space of a twinkle", words: Mari-Pierre Amat,

interpretation of the Swedish words: Kevin Fickling

Produced by Hans Lundin

Recorded by Lundin at HGL Studio, Uppsala, Sweden

Guitars recorded by Stolt at Cosmic Lodge, Uppsala, Sweden

Drums recorded by Lundin & Ågren at The UAE Magnetofon, Stockholm, Sweden

Basses recorded by Reingold at Reingold Studio, Malmö, Sweden

Mixed at Cosmic Lodge by Lundin & Stolt 23-26 July 2001

Mastered at Cosmic Lodge by Stolt 30-31 July 2001

Artwork and booklet design by Per Nordin

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