Angling feelings

KAIPA: Angling feelings

(Inside Out 2007) CD

This is the first Kaipa album with guitar player Per Nilsson. Kaipa’s mastermind and keyboard player Hans Lundin and Per are old friends and worked together recording the album "Hagen: Corridors of time" in the late 90’s. Per is nowadays mostly famous as the lead guitar player in Swedish metal band Scar Symmetry. With Angling Feelings Kaipa definitely proves that they are one of the leading outfits in today’s world of progressive music. They are not afraid of plunging into new areas while they  still carry their glorious traditions with pride into a new era.


1. Angling feelings  6:43

2. The glorious silence within  7:17

3. The fleeting existence of time  12:37

4. Pulsation  4:01

5. Liquid holes in the sky  4:42

6. Solitary pathway  4:05

7. Broken chords  6:26

8. Path of humbleness  9:29

9. Where’s the captain?  4:23

10. This ship of life  4:40

Hans Lundin: Electric, acoustic and virtual keyboards, vocals

Per Nilsson: Electric guitars

Morgan Ågren: Drums

Jonas Reingold: Electric basses

Patrik Lundström: Vocals

Aleena Gibson: Vocals

Special guest: Fredrik Lindqvist: Recorders & whistles (Track 1, 2, 8, 9 & 10)

All songs written by Hans Lundin

Produced by Hans Lundin

Recorded by Hans Lundin at HGL Studio Uppsala Sweden 2006

Guitars recorded by Per Nilsson at Studio Kabyss Gävle Sweden

(except solo guitar on “Liquid holes in the sky” recorded at HGL Studio December 2005)

Drums recorded by Hans Lundin & Morgan Ågren at “Annanstans” Värmdö Sweden

Basses recorded by Jonas Reingold at Reingold Studio Malmö Sweden

Mixed by Hans Lundin at HGL Studio January 2007

Mastered by Martin Igelström at MI Sound Design Uppsala Sweden February 2007

Original artwork by Jan Ternald

Booklet design and graphic work by Hans Lundin

Release date 18 May 2007

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