Kaipa - Urskog

(Inside Out 2022) Limited CD Digipak, Gatefold 180g 2LP + CD & as Digital Album

Legendary Swedish progressive folk-fusion-rockband KAIPA returns in April 2022 with their 14th studio album “Urskog” and a new drummer Darby Todd from London, UK.

Urskog takes the listener on a breathtaking journey through the Swedish wilderness and the changing seasons. The title track takes us deep into the heart of the Swedish primeval forest, evoking images of old folklore with its Swedish lyrics. Lean back, relax and immerse yourself in the sonic forest of Urskog, or better yet use it as the soundtrack for your own wilderness excursion!


1. The Frozen Dead of the Night 18:52

2. In a World of Pines 10:04

3. Urskog 7:57

4. Wilderness Excursion 8:57

5. In the Wastelands of My Mind 6:13

6. The Bitter Setting Sun 15:20

Hans Lundin: Keyboards & vocals

Per Nilsson: Electric & acoustic guitars

Darby Todd: Drums

Jonas Reingold: Electric basses

Patrik Lundström: Vocals

Aleena Gibson: Vocals

Special guests:

Elin Rubinsztein: Violin

Olof Åslund: Saxophone

All songs written by Hans Lundin

Produced by Hans Lundin 2019 - 2021

Recorded by Hans Lundin at HGL Studio Uppsala Sweden

Electric guitars recorded by Per Nilsson at Studio Kabyss Gävle Sweden

Basses recorded by Jonas Reingold at Reingold Studio St. Pölten Austria

Drums recorded by Darby Todd at Neil Kite’s Boutique London UK

Mixed by Hans Lundin at HGL Studio 2021

Final mixed and mastered by Martin Igelström at MI Sound Design Uppsala Sweden 2021

Front cover artwork by Per Nordin from original photos by Björn Forenius

Booklet design by Hans Lundin

Release date April 29th 2022

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Contact: kaipa@kaipa.info