In the wake of evolution

KAIPA: In the wake of evolution

 (Inside Out 2010) CD

“In the wake of evolution” picks up where “Angling feelings” left off and invites you to another breathtaking journey through the myriad and dazzling Kaipa landscape. The band continues the time-honoured Kaipa tradition but as always they’re simultaneously looking for new challenges hiding by the roadside. The new album is an emotional and powerful blast straight into the future powered by fragile fragments from memory lane.


1. In the wake of evolution  10.57

2. In the heart of her own magic field  5:12

3. Electric power water notes  17:51

4. Folkia’s first decision  2:33

5. The words are like leaves  5:36

6. Arcs of sound  8:22

7. Smoke from a secret source  9:24

8. The seven oceans of our mind  10:09

Hans Lundin: Electric and acoustic keyboards, vocals

Per Nilsson: Electric and acoustic guitars

Morgan Ågren: Drums

Jonas Reingold: Electric basses

Patrik Lundström: Vocals

Aleena Gibson: Vocals

Special guests: 

Fredrik Lindqvist: Recorders (Track 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8)

Elin Rubinsztein: Violin (Track 1, 4, 5 & 7)

All songs written by Hans Lundin

Produced by Hans Lundin 2008 - 2009

Recorded by Hans Lundin at HGL Studio Uppsala Sweden

Guitars recorded by Per Nilsson at Studio Kabyss Sandviken Sweden

Drums recorded by Hans Lundin & Morgan Ågren at “Annanstans” Värmdö Sweden

Basses recorded by Jonas Reingold at Reingold Studio Lund Sweden

Mixed by Hans Lundin at HGL Studio 2009

Final mixed and mastered by Martin Igelström at MI Sound Design Uppsala Sweden 2010

Original artwork and booklet design by Hans Lundin

Release date 12 March 2010

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