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 Reviews: Mindrevolutions




And once again they have delivered an amazing album, which makes one wonder how much more inspiration Lundin and Stolt have left? The music of Kaipa is (still) not easy to describe, as it contains many different styles and angles. Prog rock, folk, jazz rock, improvisation, everything is in it. But the compositions are from an exceptionally high level, making the album solid as a rock.

A highlight to me is the title song "Mindrevolutions", clocking almost 26 minutes. Here all styles melt together in one epic song. Great solos, by guitar, bass and keys, and beautiful vocals. If you look closer, you find that the entire album is filled wit pretty complex music, but Lundin shaped it in such a way, that you hardly notice that.

Kaipa is a band with a mind of it's own, with as yet an unusual sound, where it can rightly be said it is a top notch band, that most certainly let's the listener enjoy some pretty virtuoso music! 8/10


First feeling: nice, but nowhere near "Notes...". But how wrong can one be? Here I am, a few days later, totally unable to stop listening to this wonderful work. There simply are no bad songs in here! "Mind Revolutions", the titletrack, is a 25 minute long epic which, to be straightforward, is simply one of the best epics I have ever heard. Despite its huge length there are not bad parts in the song, and you just can't get tired of it! Everything in this song is just so amazing: the mellow guitars, the beautiful vocal lines, the arrangements, the keys (the nostalgic almost folk lines have "Hans Lundin" written all over them). It's all perfectly in place. As for the musicianship, it's just brilliant, and so is the production. Kaipa are back with one more absolutely amazing album! Don't miss it! 9.5/10


While saying that Mindrevolutions is your "standard" Kaipa might get you some strange looks, it is. Expect the unexpected. Expect brilliant vocal harmonies and a catchy groove to just appear out of seemingly nowhere. Expect for the guitar solos to lift you and take you through both time and space. Expect for time to stand still as you gaze in wonder at all the amazing colors and imagery that is painted across your mind. Expect to hear something you haven't heard before. Expect to know that Kaipa is pure uninhibited progressive prowess at its peak. Expect to love this album as much as you loved the last one. They continue to amaze me and everyone else, even after 30 years. 5/5


With ensuing listens the listener finds something new on this record each time he/she gives it a spin. Especially this holds true for the title track, which is a 26-minute epic and also the most progressive song in terms of song structure on this album. This is a must-have album for the fans of Kaipa as well as everyone who enjoys his prog with soothing melodies rather than ridiculous gimmickry. 9/10


Kaipa is as appealing to the aesthetic of today's progressive music scene as it was 30 years ago. The material gives way to some lovely melodies amongst the superb progressive production. The album is clearly best listened when played from beginning to end uninterrupted. Kaipa clearly are going from strength to strength. 5/5


I have to admit: the first time I heard sounds from this record, my reaction was: "What the hell is this?? And why would a band that exists for such a long time send this to a metal e-zine?" After a while, my opinion totally changed.

The music is... it's just weird. The 25!! minute title-song. I've heard some long songs in the past, some of them quite nice, others just rubbish. This one has such a great structure, with climaxes, sings of relief and strong, fast guitar riffs. If you haven't got any plans to get this album, please do so for this song. 89/100

Progressive World

This sweet sundae will make you salivate even when only the tiniest dribble remains in the dish. It is incredible how much this group accomplishes on this album. I suspect a mountain of work went into this album. This slowly-cooked concoction has flavor in every itty bitty morsel. The time in the kitchen really pays off and provides us with a heaping helping of food for thought. It's a real delicatessen for your mind. Enjoy each bite, but don't wolf it down. You must take the time to revel in each revolution. You must revisit this music many times in order to experience every carefully chosen ingredient. While they've nearly maxxed out the capacity of the disc, they've managed to put symphonic pleasure into each and every moment. While there isn't much more they could do, something tells me they'll somehow find a way.

"Mindrevolutions" - I cannot imagine anybody who'd disagree that this is the best track on the album. What's a "Mindrevolution"? I have no idea, but I know I like it. After hearing a fortune of fantastic songs that play together in tandem, this is another change of pace. It's completely separate from the rest of the songs. Considering its girth, it makes sense to give this song its own standing room. I think it's the finest Kaipa creation I've ever heard and it works wonders in the middle of the album. The melodies are tremendous. The keyboard solos are astonishing. The song is just truly engrossing.

In the end, you'll find Kaipa guilty as charged for putting out another progressive rock masterpiece. 4.75/5



"Mindrevolutions" ist ein typisches Neu-Kaipa-Album. Die grandiosen Harmonien, komplexen Ausbrüche, folklorischen Melancholien, zarten und harten Instrumentalorgien, wunderbaren Gesänge - da gibt es keine Wiederholungen zu den früheren Alben, nur die Erweiterung. Fabelhafte Musik, mit weder zu viel Schönklang, noch zu viel Abstraktion. Wer die neuen Kaipa Platten kennt, wird dieses traumhafte Stück symphonische Musik lieben.


"Shadows of Time", bei dem man wieder einmal zeigt, dass man das Songschreiben beherrscht. Die Melodien sind so verpielt und träumerisch, so dass man alles um einen herum glatt vergisst. Zudem erzeugt der Song eine immense Gänsehaut, die sich erst einige Minuten nach dem Ende des selbigen legt.

Diese CD ist einfach genial und dürfte selbst nicht-Proggern gefallen, da sie sehr vielfältig ist. 5/5



Y otro detalle a tener en cuenta es la presencia de dos voces, una masculina y otra femenina, lo que dota a la música de Kaipa de un empaque que pocas veces se puede encontrar en los discos que se publican en este sufrido principio de siglo.

Fans de Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull y Genesis de Peter Gabriel, atentos a este pedazo de disco. 9/10



La nuova opera dei sei, "Mindrevolutions" appunto, si presenta immediatamente come una delle uscite più innovative e interessanti di questo 2005, forte di un suono che mescola prog, partiture "fusioneggianti" e melodia molto particolare; pazzesca la tecnica dei nostri, letteralmente dei maestri in fase di arrangiamento e di esecuzione, come dimostrano le disinvolte partiture dell'opener "The Dodger". 9/10


Ogni singola traccia dell'album regala emozioni e nessuna trasmette il senso di 'esercizio di stile' fine a se stesso; questo perchè la grandissima tecnica di ognuno dei componenti è finalizzata ad un progetto comune che è creare un tappeto di suoni complesso che possa vivere da solo, ma nello stesso tempo essere un perfetto accompagnamento alle voci dei due ottimi vocalist. 85/100


"Mindrevolutions": fantastiche melodie, musica piena di fascino e passione che disegna scenari sempre più colorati in cui la fantasia dell'ascoltatore può trovare ampio rifugio, tutto questo per merito del già collaudato uso delle stupende voci di Hans Lundin, Patrik Lundstrom e la sempre più sorprendente e sofisticata Aleena, aiutati dall'energica presenza delle linee del fretless bass di Jonas Reingold (Flower Kings) e dell'ormai consolidata esperienza tecnica di Roine Stolt che raggiunge il suo top nel guitar solo centrale e finale di "Remains of the day". Un disco "pieno"in tutti i sensi (79 minuti) che straborda di creatività e di una bellezza senza tempo, dove la noia è bandita anche nei 25 minuti della title track piena di cambi di tempo e lunghi passaggi strumentali ben riusciti (tra cui un drum solo ed un finale dove ritorna il cantato ad una e più voci con in sottofondo chitarre spagnoleggianti). 8.5/10

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