Notes from the past

Kaipa - Notes from the past

(Inside Out 2002) CD

The musical scope of what can only be described as a stirring symphonic masterpiece is quite extraordinary, blending the classic influences of YES with an identity and direction all of their own. Highly recommended. (Classic Rock)


1. Notes from the past  3:09

2. Night-bike-ride (on Lilac Street)  3:28

3. Mirrors of yesterday  6:17

4. Leaving the horizon  14:10

5. In the space of a twinkle  3:27

6. Folke's final decision  4:03

7. The name belongs to you  13:46

8. Second journey inside the green glass  5:55

9. A road in my mind  7:17

10. Morganism  10:33

11. Notes from the past - Part II  6:58

Hans Lundin: Keyboards

Roine Stolt: Guitars

Patrik Lundström: Lead Vocals

Morgan Ågren: Drums

Jonas Reingold: Bass

Aleena Gibson: Vocals on "A road in my mind"

Tove Thörn Lundin: Vocals on "In the space of a twinkle"

Special guests on "Morganism":

Lennart Lind: Trombone

Lars Lindsjö: Saxophone

Tage Rolander:Trumpet

All music and words by Hans Lundin,

except "In the space of a twinkle", words: Mari-Pierre Amat,

interpretation of the Swedish words: Kevin Fickling

Produced by Hans Lundin

Recorded by Lundin at HGL Studio, Uppsala, Sweden

Guitars recorded by Stolt at Cosmic Lodge, Uppsala, Sweden

Drums recorded by Lundin & Ågren at The UAE Magnetofon, Stockholm, Sweden

Basses recorded by Reingold at Reingold Studio, Malmö, Sweden

Mixed at Cosmic Lodge by Lundin & Stolt 23-26 July 2001

Mastered at Cosmic Lodge by Stolt 30-31 July 2001

Artwork and booklet design by Per Nordin

Release date 25 March 2002

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