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My life is filled with signs. They enter my consciousness from a musical universe somewhere inside of me. This universe is filled with an enormous power built on all the positive experiences I've captured through the years, and it guides me in my decisions of what's right and what's not. I think I act as a bridge between my inner universe and the unknown receiver in the outside world. I transform moods and feelings from inside my mind into music and words, to establish a connection with the audience and to transfer these feelings into the consciousness of the listener.

I've grown in awareness that this is some kind of mission, and that I am a messenger. My mission brings joy into my life, and if I can bring joy into other peoples lives, and get their feedback, it's like an enormous circle of energy built on creative capacity.

Today our world is full of people trying to be famous. They don't really care how they obtain fame. They have a lot of self-confidence but almost no self-knowledge, no higher mission. I am not interested in celebrity; it's the contents of my music I wish to spread.

The intentions behind the new Kaipa albums are pure: to transform my basic musical ideas and feelings, and allow the outstanding musicians to bring their own colours and dimensions to bear on of this work of art.

Today, this is something unique in a world where the unending search for profit forces musicians into an endless spiral of compromises, which finally excludes much genuine musical expression. The musician is forced to act as a dummy, leaving you with an empty dum-di-dum on your lips.

Join and support us in our unending fight against the global commercial musical industry's attempt to completely choke the free musical creativity inside of us.

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